Festival Coral Argentino - Salta - Argentina

Adolfo Onetto

Music Professor (Profesor Superior de Música). He was born on October, 11th 1972 in the province of Córdoba. He began his studies at the age of 14 in the Superior Music School of Salta, where he studied piano and guitar. At the age of 16 started his labour as a choirmaster in different schools of Salta. He is founder of several school choruses as Instituto María del Pilar Chorus, Instituto Lumen Chorus, Nueva Escuela Moderna Chorus. He was part of many choral groups like The Polyphonic Chorus of Salta (Coro Polifónico de Salta), The Major Chorus of the Superior Music School (Coro Mayor de la Escuela Superior de Música), Choral of Chamber Salta (Coral de Cámara Salta). He devoted intensively to the study of choir mastery, improving mainly in contemporary choral music, auditory training, improvising, expression and harmony.
In 1999 Onetto was invited by members of The World Choir Jveniles to participate in the Auditory Training Workshop. In 2004 he got a grant from the National Government (Secretaría de la Cultura de la Nación) to take classes on contemporary music with Master Robert Sund (Swiss) . In addition, he took improving classes with Masters Clifford Wagner (Córdoba), Néstor Zadoff (Buenos Aires), Roberto Saccente (Bs. As.), Josep Prats (España), Mónica Pacheco (Mendoza). In 2004 he participated as a lecturer on the Seminar of Choral Regency (Seminario de Regencia Coral) which took place on the International Festival of Choruses “Canta Brasil” in the city of Minas Gerais. He is founder of the Esencia Cultural Centre and the Esencia Chorus (director); association of international tradition of 10 years. He works as an organizer of provincials, nationals and internationals cultural events from 1995. Nowadays he conducts the Reborn Chorus (Coro Renacer) from the Retirement Association of the Province.

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